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SINOBO - Quality Life Provider

SINOBO GROUP Co., Ltd. (SINOBO GROUP) was established in 2005. It has developed into an investment conglomerate operating in the real estate, property management and sports sectors.

Adhering to the corporate spirit of 'ASPIRING FORWARD', SINOBO GROUP provides quality products and services through which it leads the development of the industry.

The core business of the group includes operation of high-end projects in prime locations in China. SINOBO GROUP has competitive advantages in high-end apartments, commercial property, villas, office buildings and related value-added services. The Group's projects have always been industry benchmarks for China's high-end real estate.

The Group has also invested in sports and actively engaged in the development and operation of global sports institutions in China. In 2017, SINOBO GROUP became the majority shareholder of Beijing Guoan Football Club, i.e. Beijing FC.

SINOBO GROUP believes in the philosophy of 'Pursuing Perfection'. Sinobo works together with its customers, employees and partners to be a responsible corporate citizen.




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