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Project Overview

Taizicheng is located in the centre of the 2022 Winter Olympics Zhangjiakou Zone, next to the Taizicheng High-speed Railway Station. It covers an area of 2.89 square kilometers with a total floor area of 1.2 million square meters. It includes the Medals Plaza, Winter Olympic Tower, Landscape Lake, Taizicheng Village, International Convention Centre, State Villas, winter sports support area, organic agriculture ecological demonstration area and other development projects. An estimated total of RMB 14 billion will be invested by Sinobo Thaiwoo. When the project is completed the town will be the core area of the Zhangjiakou Zone, surrounded by the National Cross Country Center, the National Ski Jumping Center, the National Biathlon Center and the Olympic Village Zhangjiakou. The fundamental functions of Taizicheng fully support the core areas of the 2022 Winter Olympics, and will allow it to be a vibrant year-round international tourist destination in the post-Olympics era.


Development Period:Construction commenced in 2018

Construction Scale:1.2 million square meters

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