Wanliu House

High-End Downtown Residence

Project Overview

Wanliu House is located in the heart of a traditional high-end community in Haidian District. The project is in an easily accessible location, has a variety of facilities nearby and is situated in a beautiful environment. All these factors make Wanliu an ideal residential area. Wanliu is surrounded by prestigious schools, including Zhongguancun Third Primary School, and the High School Affiliated to Renmin University.

Our strong understanding and experience in product development and marketingalongsidean excellent project management team, have helped to make thisdevelopment an example of excellence in the real estate industry. With a continuedcommitted to excellenceanda thorough understanding of the market, our capabilities in innovation and development have helped to build the Wanliu project into another of Sinobo Land’s high-end residential masterpieces.


Development Period:2012-2014

Construction Scale:89,000 square meters

Official Website:

Official WeChat:wanliuhouse

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