11/28 2018

Signing Ceremony of Taizicheng International Conference Centre


Sinobo Thaiwoo (Zhangjiakou Chongli) Culture and Tourism Co. Ltd. signed the Management Agreements of Taizicheng International Conference Centre with InterContinental Hotel Group and North Star Events at the Beijing National Convention Center On 27-28 November, 2018.


Rendering of Taizicheng

Taizicheng is located in the centre of the 2022 Winter Olympics Zhangjiakou Zone, next to the Taizicheng High-speed Railway Station. It covers an area of 2.89 square kilometers with a total floor area of 1.2 million square meters.  It includes the Medals Plaza, Winter Olympic Tower,Taizicheng International Convention Centre and other development projects. Taizicheng will act as not only the significant support of 2022 Winter Olympics but also the national winter sports promotion base, and become the four-season international resort with the characteristics of northern China.


Rendering of Taizicheng International Conference Centre

Taizicheng International Conference Centre will meet the needs of convention and exhibition and hotel hospitality in the Games, as well as the sustainable operation of the facilities in the post-Olympic era. 


Signing Ceremony between Sinobo Thaiwoo and North Star Events


Signing Ceremony between Sinobo Thaiwoo and IHG

The signing of the agreements with the two international partners will strengthen the solid foundation for the long-term operation of Taizicheng.

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